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A Guideline on the Top Signs That You Need to Hire a Child Custody Attorney

Divorce takes a huge toll on someone since it is a very stressful affair. The issue of child custody is a huge one and is among the most challenging parts of a divorce. The fight for child custody can be quite unpleasant, and it may be necessary to hire a child custody attorney. Some of the indicators that can show that you need to hire child custody lawyer are those given below.

You may need to get a child custody attorney if your ex has hired one. It is necessary to prepare yourself for a custody hearing by getting an attorney so that your ex does not have an advantage over you by having a professional on their side. There is a massive burden of proof required for any claims that you have for full custody, and only a professional can adequately handle it. Use this useful tool when you need a lawyer to offer legal aid for your child custody case.

When you live far away from your ex, you also need to consider hiring a child custody attorney. The attorney will know the different interstate and international rules for child custody, and will thus be of help to you. Use this useful tool to get the best child custody lawyer.

Another reason to get a child custody lawyer is when you have reason to believe that your child could be in danger. The attorney will help you ensure that your child is safe and that the child will stay with you. If you think your child is in immediate danger, you should call 911 as well.

You also need to hire a child custody lawyer is when your ex is not cooperating. Some of the issues that point to a lack of cooperation are when your ex tries to limit the contact you have with your kids, when they deny you visit or cancel at the last minute, or when they refuse to communicate to you about a child.

You may need to hire a child custody attorney when you are court-ordered to take classes. When you are ordered to take any classes such as anger management or addiction treatment programs, then you are already at a disadvantage in the eyes of the court. Getting a lawyer in such a case can help you have an avenue to display your parenting skills. This useful tool will help you when choosing a child custody lawyer.

A significant change to the conditions of your ex can be another reason to get a child custody attorney. For instance, you will need to get a lawyer when your ex is getting remarried or moving to a different state. Such changes will affect the course of legal proceedings, which is why you should get an attorney. This useful tool will help you decide if the changes you are facing are substantial.

You also need to consider getting a child custody attorney when things keep getting complicated. You may need a lawyer if your ex decides to fight for full custody, or they are trying to convince the court that you are not fit to be a parent. You can use this useful tool when calculating child support costs.